IR35 & Healthcare

With the introduction of the new Government legislation which came into force on the 6th April 2017, all healthcare agency workers must now be paid via an Umbrella Company or as a Sole Trader providing they can demonstrate to HMRC they are not subject to SDC (Supervision, Direction & Control).  The IR35 legislative changes, working inside your own Limited Company, being paid dividend payments and claiming expenses, is no longer allowed by HMRC.

This legislation will affect every NHS Trust and every agency supplying staff to the NHS. Whats more trusts are applying IR35 across the board and will not be accepting candidates working as a LTD company.

If you are a contractor in the NHS, then it’s likely you’ve been affected by the recent changes to the Intermediaries legislation (IR35). The changes have meant that limited company contracting is no longer an attractive or viable option for many in the healthcare sector – there is increased administrative burden and lower take-home pay. Also, there are fewer opportunities for limited company contractors in the NHS as many organisations no longer hire contractors who operate through their own limited companies.

Top Umbrella have a separate department dedicated to the healthcare profession with a service designed to meet your specific needs. It’s quick and easy to sign up and once registered you simply submit your approved time-sheets using our online portal. We invoice the organisation you’re contracted to and then we pay you – this is normally a very quick process as we have daily payroll runs.

It also means less hassle as you won’t need to worry about paying your’re tax or National Insurance – we’ll deduct your PAYE and NICs at source – and, with the support of our team of expert relationship consultants, you can rest assured that you are fully compliant at all times.

Being a employee of an Umbrella company gives you all the benefits of employment while retaining the freedom of being a contractor. We’ll help you maximise your take-home pay and you may be entitled to receive holiday pay and sick pay as well as maternity/paternity leave and adoption leave.

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